PANDORA Beaded Bracelet Sterling Silver 925 Ornament Female Bracelet Goddess Bracelet Birthday Gift

Attached:Original Gift Box、Dustproof Bag、Handbag、Buggy Bag After-Sales Card

Specifications:16-21cm(Six Codes Are Available)
Recommended Size:Close to Hand Wrist Size plus2m(7Within Beads)
Material:According to the International Standard Atmosphere925Pure Thai Silver,Still So Many People Love It!Pay Attention to Cherish Maintenance!Imported Colored Glaze,Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows Diamond,Sufficient Weight,All Hand Inlaid??
Purchase Goods in This Store,All with Exquisite Boxed
Suitable for Occasions:Holiday、Order、Wedding、Birthday、Anniversary、Satisfy the Purchase Desire??
Pay More Attention to Maintenance When Wearing,Do Not Wear It in the Bath,Do Not Contact Acidic Substances Such as Sulfur Soap、Laundry Detergent, Etc…….Avoid Strong Friction,Don’t Say It’s Too Delicate,Real Silk Is Not Expensive,It Will Be Shredded after Hanging It!
??Fidelity Support Counter Inspection,Except That the Price Is Different,It’s the Same Everywhere,Full Set of Packaging with Counter,What Are You Waiting,Maybe the Discount in the next Second Will Be Variable.~

Pandoraby GoldsmithPer Enevoldsenand His WifeWinnieIn1982Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark。 PandoraIn2000The Bracelet Launched in the Year Is Very Popular.,Help Women Achieve Outstanding Results Among a Group of People,Let Them Pass“Design”Own Jewelry,Express Your Personality。The Bracelet Is Made of High Quality Sterling Silver and14kGold Material,Available700​​Various Kinds of Gold、Silver Hanging Bag Matching、Interchange,Optional Hanging Stones Include a Wide Variety of Gems、Pearl、Areva and Murano Colored Glaze Products。Therefore,No Matter What Flag Is Selected,Always Get a Distinctive Matching Effect,Tell a Personal Story about Yourself。This Concept Provides an Excellent Opportunity for Consumers around the World.,Combine Jewelry into a Personal Story,Show Important and Unforgettable Moments in Life in This Innovative Way。Now It Has BecomePandoraBasic Criteria,and Implement It in Other Matching Jewelry Series of the Company——Ring、In Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants。Each Product Is Handmade,to MaintainPandoraHigh Quality Standard。Become the Third-Selling Jeweler in the World,It Is Also the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Gold and Silver Jewelry.。